Live Installer Images

Void releases include two types of images: base images and "flavor" images. Both types of image, and the different flavor images, are described below.

Base images

Void provides installer images containing a base set of utilities, an installer program, and package files to install a Void base system. Images are provided for glibc based systems on both i686 and x86_64 processors, as well as musl based systems on x86_64-compatible processors.

Flavor images

In addition to the base image, Void provides additional "flavors" which each include a full desktop environment and web browser, and are pre-configured with basic applications for that system. The install process for each of these images is the same as the base image. The flavor images only differ from the base image by which packages are included and installed.

Note: we encourage Linux beginners to try one of the flavor images. Users comfortable with a more advanced setup may prefer to install Void from a base image.

Comparison of flavor images

Here's a quick overview of the main components and applications included with each flavor:

Enlightenment Cinnamon LXDE LXQT MATE XFCE
Window Manager Enlightenment Window Manager Mutter (Muffin) Openbox Openbox Metacity (Macro) xfwm4
File Manager Enlightenment File Manager Nemo PCManFM PCManFM-Qt Caja Thunar
Web Browser Firefox ESR Firefox ESR Firefox ESR QupZilla Firefox ESR Firefox ESR
Terminal Terminology gnome-terminal LXTerminal QTerminal MATE terminal xfce4-Terminal
Document Viewer - - - - Atril (PS/PDF) -
Plain text viewer - - - - Pluma Mousepad
Image viewer - - GPicView LXImage Eye of MATE Ristretto
Archive unpacker - - - - Engrampa -
Other Mixer, EConnMan (connection manager), Elementary Test - LXTask (task manager), MIME type editor Screen grabber Screen grabber, file finder, MATE color picker, MATE font viewer, Disk usage analyzer, Power statistics, System monitor (task manager), Dictionary, Log file viewer Bulk rename, Orage Globaltime, Orage Calendar, Task Manager, Parole Media Player, Audio Mixer, MIME type editor, Application finder